The world is full of cool and modern images, but those images are everyday and forgotten. What I mean is that simplicity is always good. Images that make heavy use of effects and trendy motion graphics can't convey the message you want to convey most to your viewers. This is my portfolio. There is no work video. Both are personal works.

Digital content creator / Video director, Photographer, Medical staff. 
Base in Japan. Born in Tokyo. Lives in Okayama prefecture as a child. Majored in economics at university. After that, I studied at a photography school and got my current job. I am a "F.C. Tokyo" supporter of the J League.
映像ディレクター, 写真家, 医療従事者。東京生まれ, 幼少期の2年間岡山県美星町で生活。大学で経済学を専攻、専門学校写真学科を経て現職に就く。本サイトやBehanceなどで公開する映像は、学生時代からプライベートで撮影した作品です。仕事の作品は公開していません。